The Tracy Forrest Scholarship Endowment’s purpose is to help qualified students pursue their dreams of a career in aviation and space. By providing financial support and career mentorship and long term community involvement, the TFSE will have a meaningful impact on the lives and careers of people in the aviation/aerospace industry. This will strengthen the aviation industry and keep it alive and present in the minds of today’s most promising student. A healthy pipeline of talented college graduates entering aviation is essential to keep our industry on the cutting edge of technology and competitive advantage. We formed this organization to further the vision of Tracy Forrest to bring the best and brightest talent to careers in aviation and space.

Our Mission

The mission of the Tracy Forrest Scholarship Endowment is to connect and assist students in their pursuit of careers and education opportunities in the aviation/aerospace community. TFSE celebrates and helps scholars pursue their dreams of a career in or around aviation by providing funds to defray the cost of education and provide a powerful network of contacts and support for long term career success. The Endowment will have a profound impact on the lives of Scholars, and will provide a lasting impact on the aerospace industry by bringing America’s best and brightest to the industry.

Our Vision

The Endowment was formed to honor and continue Tracy’s boundless belief in people, his respect for education, and his encouragement of bright students to make aviation a part of their lives and careers. The endowment will prioritize candidates who have demonstrated a lifelong interest in aviation and a capacity for sharing their enthusiasm for education and aviation. Our vision and Tracy's vision is to encourage lifelong interest in aviation.