What We Do

Our Mission

Our goal is to raise $5 million dollars that will generate $200,000 a year in perpetuity. This will allow us to sponsor 8 students, 4 students at Embry Riddle and 4 students at Purdue University.  You can. donate with appreciated assets, real estate, airplanes, etc.. 100%. of every dollar given to The Tracey Forrest Scholarship Foundation will go directly to the students. All overhead and administrative expenses are being underwritten by the founders.

How many dollars will support a student? $20,000 X 8 Students (4) at Embry Riddle University (4) at Purdue University.

The Tracy Forrest Scholarship Endowment serves the needs of talented students with limited resources who wish to pursue educational paths that could lead to careers in aviation. Think about when you first fell in love with flying and wanted to be a pilot or spend your days around airplanes. The TFSE seeks to help capture this love of aviation in America’s youth and help these kids realize their dreams of attending an aviation college and beginning a career in aerospace.

The Tracy Forrest Scholarship Endowment will be a valuable source of direct financial support network to these students. In addition to financial support, the organization will provide recipients with mentorship, networking, and long term career guidance, through regular events and programming. We will require each of our selected students to be involved in the future of the program, be it as a graduate mentor or other future involvement

The impact on the aviation community overtime will be substantial, as the TFSE will provide the aviation industry with a robust pipeline of talented students for internships and careers over the long term. Within just a few short years, we expect to see TFSE scholars entering the aerospace industry in jobs across the USA. The organization will gather regularly and work to further the goals of attracting and retaining Americas’ best and brightest to careers in aviation and space.

Why This Need

The future of aviation in at a crossroads. Students of all backgrounds cannot afford training. Only a small percentage of pilots are minority individuals. TFSE wants to increase accessibility to all students who qualify and to minorities and women.

There is a large community that wants to have a meaningful impact on the lives and careers of people in the aviation/aerospace industry.


The TFSE was formed in 2020 by Ed Turley, Cyrus Sigari, Jon Callaghan and Rae Lovenbury to honor and continue Tracy Forrest’s work in providing talented students with financial support, encouragement and community to pursue careers in. We have a tremendous interest and experience in aviation. Our board members are either pilots, entrepreneurs, business owners and very successful and want to honor Tracy.

Education is one of the best ways to impact an individual, a nation and a the world.

The mission of the Tracy Forrest Scholarship Endowment is to connect and assist students in their pursuit of careers and education opportunities in the aviation/aerospace community.

Who We Work With

Tracy Forrest Scholarship will be working directly with Embry Riddle University and Purdue University on this endowment scholarship.

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