Who We Are

Our Story

The Tracy Forrest Scholarship Endowment was formed in 2020 by Ed Turley, Cyrus Sigari, Jon Callaghan, Jeff Forrest and Rae Lovenbury to honor and continue Tracy Forrest’s work in providing talented students with financial support, encouragement and community to pursue careers in aviation and space. Over time, the endowment hopes that past recipients will mentor and attract additional candidates and form a valuable career network within both the educational institutions selected as well as the aerospace industry as a whole.

Our Vision

The Endowment was formed to honor and continue Tracy’s boundless belief in people, his respect for education, and his encouragement of bright students to make aviation a part of their lives and careers. Our Vision and Tracy's vision is to encourage lifelong interest in aviation.

The mission of the Tracy Forrest Scholarship Endowment is to connect and assist students in their pursuit of careers and education opportunities in the aviation/aerospace community.